[fairy 02] what if…

About the concept… Often, architecture do not tell stories about fairies or magical creatures… not even about magical worlds. But sometimes, architecture tell some things which may seem to have a magical component by creating alternative scenarios for a predefined situation. Different scenarios transform our perception by developing the creativity of ones who appropriates the story itself. Architecture can be very tricky… This story is about architecture itself, about its elements and ways of understanding, about fairytales in which every one of us sees different things and imagine different scenarios. If one day you will tell a story about architecture you should never describe or show an image with a flying castle. Maybe you should ask the little one first what if a castle can fly or how a flying castle look like…? Sometimes our imagination worth more than a static picture or a frame from a movie… and these small things elevate the capacity to dream on. Imaginary preferential treat similar aspects of reality. Most often a story can generate, inspiration to other stories… Sometimes, the same thing can be received, de-contextualized or perceived different distinctly in multiple scenarios depending on individual levels of interpretability.

more details: http://crisanarch.ro/?p=3637


architects: crisan architecture; concept design, architectural team: alexandru crisan, ana maria crisan; collaborator: ioana turcanu

2015 / concept design / competitions, culture