[PLAY_ing Culture] public event. bucharest



Metropolis is the term that defines a city capable to change rapidly and adapt to any changes – This city never sleeps! Bucharest could be a metropolis… should be alive during night!
The proposed project aimed to become a manifest against “consumerism culture”. Instead of common commercials for H&M, Dero, BMW or cat food we are proposing the visual assimilation of blind walls of Bucharest city. The process is an exteriorization of an underground artistic culture to the open public spaces consisting in overexposing visual artistic elements through cinematographic projection.
The project propose interactive mapping accessible on tablet or phone applications, mapping naming the location, the time and the artist for the week-end CULTURAL PLAY. A unique event of one-night stand expose one artist or one specific cultural aspect, ranging from static representations like painting, sculpture or photography to cinematography through video projection, in 5 to 7 locations in Bucharest.
Examples (on project images): one night the Bucharest is playing, by accesing the world of Mircea Cantor projected in Romulus Park. In another night the city is  camouflaged in green, contrary of his artificial urban aspect, invaded by works of painter Horia Bernea or in photographic works of Alexandru Crisan, Vlad Eftenie,  exposing untouched landscapes of Romania on the blid walls; Other culture evening typology is dedicated to Romanian contemporary cinematography rolling movies and focusing on one specific actor, for example Ana Ularu.
Thus, the city becomes paradoxically a scene that is both play_ing/ rolling culture and playing with culture in the specific vision of different contemporary artists.

more details: http://crisanarch.ro/?p=2898


architects: crisan architecture; architectural team: ana maria crisan, alexandru crisan, ioana turcanu; graphics&computer imagery: crisan architecture; photography: support for graphics by vlad eftenie & alexandru crisan

2015 / concept design / create your bucharest, pmb competitions, public, urban www.createyourbucharest.org/