[fairy 01] gravity

About the concept… Architecture can tell stories about different worlds… worlds perceive distinctly by our imagination. Everyones have a personal ways of interpreting the same story and a personal vision on ideatic facts. Sometimes few peoples have similar versions interpreting a specific state of mind. The story begins one day when gravity suddenly disappeared. That day redefines architecture principles: walking on walls, fixing our furniture on ceiling and rise the height of our residential spaces. Somehow predicted by movies in early 2000 the multidimensional spaces brings space syntax to new ways of understanding. We obviously know about principles of gravity first in ancient times, later from Isaac Newton and later on by Nolan’s Inception. But how do we use this knowledge, can we transform fiction into reality? Apparently everyone knows something about gravity! Even Bosch represented a few hundred years ago in his paintings. Our age transform gravity and tested on the moon but never applied on earth. Does the context of massive urbanization be one of the challenges of our century? Or could be more… This should be the story of architecture that change the way of living and marked a crucial moment in human evolution, redefining our species.

more details: http://crisanarch.ro/?p=3633


architects: crisan architecture; concept design, architectural team: ana maria crisan, alexandru crisan; collaborator: ioana turcanu

2015 / concept design / competitions, culture