[small’s] design

[SMALL]’s is a signalectic project designed for children above the age of 3. The main idea behind the project and the complementary psychological study actually reaffirms the signalectic(s) both as a code and as a space indicator, underlining its definition especially as a sign language, a figurative vocabulary. By exploring a different dialectic characterized by the usage of sign language and primary geometric forms, the project aims to develop children orientation skills, and to encourage their interaction and sociability. Therefore, the accessibility to the different spaces and activities areas is enhanced. Furthermore, the spaces are ”figuratively” / associatively connected with their corresponding purpose.

As showcased in the virtual illustrations, the whimsical animals accompany the children through a world easily recognizable by the identity of each typology: the smiling face, the triangular starring figure or the bug-eyed one, the tall one or the smaller one etc. are just a few examples for the imaginative perception of children. The [Small’s] are used on both the vertical and horizontal planes and even on walls or floors. The minimalistic universal models were generated using basic geometrical forms in which children with different cultural backgrounds can easily (re)discover their favorite imaginary friends. The designs for [Small’s] are basically inspired from traditional Romanian motifs often found in various regional outfits. The journey for [Small]’s design begun with Le Corbusier’s Modulorul, the dimension of human scale related to built interior spaces. Our proposed children-dedicated modulorum, the [Small]’s, aims to present a new way of learning the basic elements of space perception and geometry for several young ages.

more details: http://crisanarch.ro/?p=3044


architects: crisan architecture; concept design: ana maria crisan; architectural team: ana maria crisan, alexandru crisan, ioana turcanu; graphics&computer imagery: crisan architecture;

2015 / built / under development / concept design / (IDA) International Design Awards 2015 competitions, interior idesignawards.com/