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Contemporary Wood Museum
International Contest: ACSA WOOD PRODUCT COUNCIL, USA 2003
Project presentation: Environmental Architecture, 22 World Congress of Architecture, Istanbul, Turkey 2004
location: Bucharest, Romania

About… wood is a living material; it is constantly alive even after being processed. The multilevel solutions are very flexible and they may be found in nature, too. In Wood Museum the intention is that of architecture in response to landscape aesthetic (form, color, texture). In theory, wood in architecture appears to be more camouflaged and introverted in nature, into the landscape. In choosing the landscape, we looked for a historical image, a natural born image of a camouflaged and introverted wood, wood-water corresponding as well. At its origin, Kiseleff Park was a site that initially reflected the substance of the landscape: muddy and swampy fields, covered in woods, rich in lakes and ponds. Nowadays, the modern image recalls nothing from the old days Bucharest. The proposal is that of a building raised in the contemporary architectural style, dynamic and ready to recreate the initial image by using wood as exhibit. The idea of body of water existed in the landscape at the city origin, more like a water presence between the forest trees. It is an image well known in the lake architecture, with unexpected results along history. The museum intends to be a revitalization programme, designated to resurrect the area, to restore the original image by being environmentally conscious and sustainable. Its goal is to establish a powerful visual and psychological identity in its relationship with the environment. The concept of contemporary architecture usually leads to an extravagant aesthetics, to a mixed form and to a texture consisting in unusual materials. Lately, the correlation between the concept of contemporary architecture and that of sustainable architecture provoked a reevaluation of the classical style, of the trilitic structures and of the orthogonality. The adopted issue for a ‘contemporary architecture museum’ uses the classical style and the trilitic structure system in order to extrapolate the valences of the composition, of the material structure and of the space dynamics.

more details: http://crisanarch.ro/?p=1651, http://crisanarch.ro/?p=1653


architects: crisan architecture; concept design, architectural team: alexandru crisan, ana maria crisan;

2003 / concept design / International Contest: Acsa Wood Product, USA competitions, culture, public