[blade] cresmina art center. portugal

Contemporary ART CENTER
International Contest: HONORABLE MENTION AWARD
location: Fortress of Cresmina, Cascais, Portugal


About the concept… The project aims to reassert of the fortress as a clear-cut geometrical enclosure, converging towards an introverted single large object embraced by the landscape surroundings. The proposed object airily lays and floats over the ruins, accentuating its metaphysic relation with the panoramic landscape. The rooftop, extended over the surrounding vicinity of the existing ruins, acts as a horizontal parasite, defining the contemporary interpretation and formulating its iconic identity. About the volumetric shape… The geometrical development espouses an irregular form, unifying (under the ceiling) the orthogonally-shaped composition of interior spaces. The parasite tends to develop a special relation with the existing historical remains. Consequentially, it detaches the main glass walls from the ruins, turning them into a projection screen, thus generating an in-between space needed for wall maintenance and natural ventilation.

more detailshttp://crisanarch.ro/?p=3161


architects: crisan architecture; concept design: alexandru crisan, ana maria crisan; collaborators: ioana turcanu; graphics: crisan architecture; computer imagery&models: panoptikon / www.thepanoptikon.com

june 2015 / concept design / International Contest: Fortress of Cresmina, Cascais, Portugal competitions, culture, public, selected projects